Diesel Roskilde Festival Jeans: Hottest Summer Festival Fashion From 2008

Last summer, Diesel Jeans and the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, partnered to create a unique pair of denim jeans that would help concert-goers survive the elements of the summer festival, allowing them to leave still looking fashionable, with clothing in tact. As another season of outdoor concerts, festivals and events approaches, it might be time to break out your Roskilde jeans once again, or if you're not a proud owner of these limited edition fashion items, you might just have to wait to see what innovative fashion will carry you through the festival season this year.

Diesel Roskilde Festival JeansDiesel Roskilde Festival Jeans

The Roskilde jeans were produced in limited numbers last season, and were exclusively sold in Copenhagen Diesel stores and at the Roskilde outdoor music festival itself. I know you're probably thinking jeans are jeans right? They're already designed to be durable. While this is true, the Roskilde denim was unique in that it was treated with a secret agent that would protect wearers and their fashion from the mud, grass, wind and rain that's likely to be encountered while partying it up and taking in the tunes at the hottest summer festivals.

So, break out your Roskilde jeans for yet another season of summer festivals; that is if you were one of the lucky 1,000 who got their hands on their limited edition jeans. Or stay tuned for more details on the hottest fashion trends that will carry you through your festivals and outdoor events this summer season.

Via: The Insider