Digital Camera Binoculars Bring Nature To Your TV

I have some friends who had a pet llama named Cousin Ren (after the maniacal dog from Ren & Stimpy).  Ren had some problems including bug-eyes, a fused spinal column, and the dubious distinction of having a strange genetic code placing him somewhere between a goat and a true llama.

Cousin Ren would routinely walk into the house, knocking over drinks and small furniture, grunting happily as he inadvertently caused property damage.

I do not want a llama in my house.  However, I'm perfectly fine watching a video of a llama stumbling through my neighbor's house.  And these binoculars are just the ticket.

Sporting 8X magnification via 30mm objective lenses, these binoculars provide a 320-foot field of view at 1000 yards.  That's definitely a safe distance from a rampaging goat-llama hybrid!

But the key feature to these binoculars involves video and still picture recording.  Utilizing a built-in 16 MB internal memory, you can store 15 still images at 2560 x 1920 pixels-or 20 seconds of video at 640 x 480 at 15 frames per second.  A slot for a SD card allows for increased storage capacity.  All data can be uploaded to your PC via a USB connection.

I have to say that the video quality sounds a bit rough.  At that low resolution and frame rate, it would look something like video from the old Fischer-Price toy video camera I had when I was in college.

But the still photo quality is quite high, making these binoculars quite a nice gadget for bird watching... or llama watching.

You can get your very own Digital Camera Binoculars at Hammacher.

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