Digital Detox For Internet Addicts In First In-Patient Hospital Program


Disconnect with digital detox: image via techcentral.myDisconnect with digital detox: image via techcentral.myThe first hospital in-patient rehabilitation program for Internet addicts is about to open at the Bradford Regional Medical Center in north-central Pennsylvania on September 9, 2013, but get in line now if you're ready to commit yourself; the program will only accept four patients at a time.  Once admitted to the program, patients will be subjected to a 'digital detox' for 72 hours. If they survive that...

... patients will undergo group therapy and learn ways to 'minimally use' the Internet, as well as methods to avoid the trouble-makers that helped them become addicts in the first place.  Each class of four Internet addicts will be housed in the same wing of the Medical Center as patients with other addictions for 10 days, the total length of the program.

Internet addiction, first identified by psychiatrists around the mid-1990's, has become a spiraling problem in the U. S. and Asian countries, like Japan.  Like other addictions, those affected become more and more dependent on the stimulation they get from using the Internet for gaming, gambling, social media,or even reading their email incessantly.  The addicted totally lose their ability to function in other activities; Internet addiction can destroy their professional lives, social lives, and their physical health, as well as their mental health.

"Internet addiction is a problem in this country that can be more pervasive than alcoholism," Dr. Kimberly Young, founder of Bradford Regional's program, told Fox News.

Dr. Roger Laroche, medical director of the department of psychiatry at Bradford, said that most people who are addicted to the Internet have some underlying psychiatric disorder or personality problem, and that each patient will undergo psychological evaluation after he or she has undergone the digital detox.

If you know someone who you suspect has an Internet addiction, you might have them take this short Internet Addiction Test, developed by Dr. Young, to measure mild, moderate, and severe levels of Internet addiction.  Or take it yourself before you go about raising the $14,000 you will need to pay to get over it!

sources: Fox News via Gothamist,


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Just by the fact that I'm

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Clearly it does.