Digital Photos Escape The Frame, Get Cubed

Designer Ludwig Zeller has created the CubeBrowser, a six-sided mix of ingenuity and art that allows the enjoyment of photos in a whole new way.


The Cubebrowser resembles nothing so much as the first part of its name – a cube. The second part comes into play when you learn that it is connected to the Internet and more specifically sites like that allow for the display and browsing through of multiple photo albums that the user creates.


Behind the idea of the CubeBrowser lies the much-ignored concept that information is often more fun to abosrb if it’s tactile as well as simply visual. The Browser is designed to display one image on each of its six sides, and allow the user to rotate and shake the cube in order to change not only picture they are looking at, but what set of pictures the device displays.


Moving the cube horizontally causes the images to scroll in a pre-defined set, and allows a user to progress through an album and feel as though they are actually more a part of the experience than simply viewing static photos on the standard glossy “for the love of God only handle the edges” paper.


Moving the cube vertically will allow the user to switch between sets of photos that are stored online and linked to the Cube, giving it a larger range of functionality. At rest, the Cube can display one similar or six different images on its sides, but this can quickly be altered by human input and interaction – something current technology all too often lacks.

CubeBrowser: The Joy Of Three DimensionsCubeBrowser: The Joy Of Three Dimensions


The product is not currently in production, so there is no word on how many photo sets could be stored or exactly what the CubeBrowser will be made out of, but presumably it will be relatively large in photo capacity and robust in terms of just how much handling it can take.


Sure, it’s still a digital photo display, but cooler.


We can't help but wonder if we're being two-dimensional in our praise for the CubeBrowser, but we just flat-out love the idea.


Source: YankoDesign