Digiwall Interactive, Digital Rock Climbing: Futuristic Invention A Reality

Digiwall is another fine example of a company focused on keeping things active through interactive fun. Their digital climbing wall, which combines visual and aural experiences incorporate challenges, games and other fun activities to make indoor rock climbing even more enjoyable for children and other sport enthusiasts.

Digiwall's not just an innovative invention, it's also a business. Their interactive rock climbing walls can be rented out as entertainment for a variety of functions and events, including setups at business parks, shopping malls, exhibitions, hotels and more. Digiwall's digital rock climbing wall is 6.5 meters high and 2.8 meters wide, and is fitted with climbing grips that contain sensors and light diodes. Games are uploaded to the wall's software, which communicates with these grips to develop the complete interactive experience that includes professional surround sound and visual affects that further enhance the gaming experience.

Digiwall has four categories of interactive games that help make their indoor rock climbing wall unique. Simple to understand games are easy to learn, no matter what the age of the user, and focus upon physical activity and speed. Simple to understand rock climbing games allow climbers to either work alone, or collaborate with others on the wall. Games with more demanding gameplay focus on tactical aspects; while they are still physical in nature, but also require body control and flexibility.

The last two game categories for Digiwall's virtual climbing wall are more laid back, focusing less on physical activity, and more on memory and learning. Chill out games require attention to sounds and learning technology can be customized to demonstrate topics on exhibition and science centers and other events.

Digiwall's interactive rock climbing wall takes the sport to the next level by challenging users with activities that stimulate both the mind and body.

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