The Dillenger Cheetah Is An Affordable Folding Electric Bike

Dillenger CheetahDillenger Cheetah

The Dillenger bicycle company, like quite a few other bicycle companies, offers electric bicycles. Rarer than the electric bicycle is the electric bicycle that can be folded. Dillenger has those as well, and its Cheetah may be the most affordable electric folding bicycle on the market. 

Dillenger has been producing electric bikes since 2007, and their name is a big one in the electric bicycle industry. Their bikes are in a constant development cycle so that they continue to incorporate the latest technology, keeping them ahead of the competition. The Dillenger Cheetah is their most basic electric folding bike, but it is one that won't break the bank.

Riding The CheetahRiding The Cheetah

The Dillenger Cheetah is a 16" foldable electric bike. It is the perfect electric bike for anyone looking for a sensible electric bike that they can fold and stow when they're not using it. It is affordable, advertised at $499 on the Dillenger site (check out the site for promotional deals as well), durable and comfortable. 

With the Cheetah, you'll get a 12Ah SLA battery, which will give you 40km in range (some customers have reported up to 50km of battery range). The Cheetah also comes with an upgraded transmission that helps the vehicle climb hills better and results in better performance all around. 

Cheetah FoldedCheetah Folded

The Dillenger Cheetah also incorporates a top of the line mid-mounted shock absorber. The Cheetah's seat is a saddle seat, which utilized springs. The shock absorber and sprung seat ensure a bumpy route doesn't turn into a bumpy ride.

If you're an urban commuter and looking to reduce your emmissions or looking for a more effective means of transportation than your normal bicycle, you may want to check out the Cheetah. This folding electric bike married convenience, comfort, functionality and affordability. 

Source: Dillenger Bikes