Dine In Bed And Float On At Bedtaste Restaurant In Germany

Growing up, you were probably always told never to eat in bed. I mean, even Sesame Street featured the ongoing argument about whether Burt or Ernie was responsible for the cookie crumbs in bed, and it is true that there's nothing worse. So, for those dreaming of climbing into bed to dine, it's fortunate that it's a new trend.

Bed RestaurantBed Restaurant

Bed-themed restaurants have really popped up worldwide, sometimes offering complete meal services and other times simply offering cocktail services. And, at all times, setting the stage of a whole wealth of innuendos especially for those out on the prowl.

Bedtaste in Germany does something a little bit differently, offering their bedroom dining experience onboard a ship. Float on, eat away, and I don't think I need to say this opens up a whole new opportunity for innuendos, so bring them on!

Via: TrendHunter