Dine Ink Cutlery: The Perfect Gift For The Workaholic


Do you regularly chew on the end of your pen?  Instead of trying to break the habit why not just go with it?  Dine Ink Pen Cap Cutlery from Fred and Friends is a set of eating utensils that attach to the ends of ordinary pens.  The set comes with a fork, spoon and knife attachment and is even in the traditional blue ball point pen cap color and has the same clip on the side as the pen caps do.



It is kind of a fun and quirky little item, but it could also be very practical I think.  You could keep a set of these in your desk drawer at work for those times when you bring leftovers for lunch; that way you don’t have to remember to pack your regular utensils and risk leaving them at the office.  You could also keep a set in the car for road trips.  People usually have a pen in their purse or glove compartment.  Even on camping trips these could be very useful.

The pack comes with three stick pens and regular caps for them too.  If you pick up a set just don’t let your boss know you have them or you may end up working through lunch all the time!  You can pick up a set here.

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