Dining Room Measuring Spoons Bring Some Class To The Kitchen


Measuring spoons are useful – yes, but classy looking – not so much. That is, until now. Anthropologie’s Dining Room Measuring Spoons raise the bar on measuring spoon attractiveness. Those plastic and plain metal ones really have something to measure up to (okay, not funny) now.

The Dining Room Spoons are made to look like something grandma might set the table with on special occasions. Each spoon has its own distinct pattern to make it easier to know which one you’re working with (don’t worry; they’re also clearly marked with the measurement). They’re made of brass and come in a set of five measurements, as most other measuring spoon sets. They’re adorably fastened together by a safety pin looking clip and come in an antique-y silver looking finish that adds to their charm.

Users report that these spoons are sturdy and accurate. Many also mention that they're so nice looking that they’ve found a way to put them on display in their kitchens rather than keeping them tucked away in a drawer.

Source: Anthropologie