Dior Stick On Eyeliner Patches Simplify Your Makeup Routine


Have you ever seen an amazing eye makeup look in a magazine and become obsessed with recreating it yourself? If so, you likely know the deep disappointment that occurs when you realize that only a true makeup artist or photoshop expert can create such precise makeup application. That is, until now. Dior has come up with a super simple way to get the perfect eyeliner – peel and stick.

The patches, which are laser cut, mimic the look of precisely drawn on eyeliner. They come in sets of four pairs. The color choices seem to vary by season and are currently available in metallics and pastels. They are said to be easy to apply and adjust. In fact, they come with a tube of cosmetic glue so they can be re-used. I suppose for $61/set they should be re-usable.    

Dior states that the liners adjust easily to different eye shapes and can be worn right along the upper lash line or a bit further up, depending on your preference and the look you are trying to create. So, if striking eye makeup is your goal, but the technique eludes you these may be worth a try.

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