Dip A Chip? Introducing Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos

Frito-Lay Japan has got THE snack for hungry gunslingers to nom on while trekking across the Waste Lands to the Dark Tower: Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos! Sure the name's kinda dull but they're the closest thing to “Lobstrosity Doritos” you're gonna get.

This latest entry in the seemingly never-ending Doritos Gourmet series features the inimitable flavor of rich mayonnaise and the “full-bodied mellow, sweet taste of shrimp.” According to Frito-Lay Japan, the result is a “luxury taste” that recalls the grand tradition of seasoned dips on offer at wedding receptions, Golden Globes after-parties and the odd funeral reception... better not double-dip!

Even the bag is tarted up to look ritzy and ornate with artistic curlicues set against a brushed rose gold background. A circular window image depicts a dunked dorito about to drip a dollop of dip (try saying that six times quickly), which makes one pause for thought: do these chips embody the flavor of seafood dip or are they to be  dipped into such a dip, thus compounding the luxurious flavor of shrimps and mayo? Why not both!

Feel free to conduct your own taste taste aka dip fest beginning January 20th, when Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos are scheduled to hit store shelves in Japan – and ONLY in Japan. The 75 gram (2.645 oz) bags are are limited edition, as are most if not all of the Doritos Gourmet series, and will be yanked on March 17th of 2014. No one knows what happened to any unsold bags or cartons of chips beyond that date but don't be surprised if some third-world kid wearing a “New England Patriots 19-0” shirt is spied munching on them.