Dirty Pool? Clean It With The World's First Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Certain things just make sense.  Take this little whopper, for example:

The World's First Solar Powered Robotic Pool SkimmerThe World's First Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer

This robotic pool skimmer is solar powered.  Two solar panels on top of the skimmer gather solar energy, which is then transferred and stored in internal NiMH batteries-which hold an eight hour charge.  A microprocessor keeps track of the power level and informs the skimmer when to hunt for sunnier areas of the pool in order to recharge.  This unique design reduces strain on the pool's pumps, while still allowing the efficient cleaning of leaves, bugs, grass and other items from the water.

Two paddle wheels scoot the skimmer across the water, allowing it to gather floating refuse into a steel filter screen.  When it comes to a pool wall, one of four wheels located on the side of the skimmer turns the device.  These wheels also guide it along the perimeter of the pool.  If the filter becomes clogged, the skimmer automatically reverses its direction in order to rid itself of the offending debris.

A little bonus feature of the Solar Powered Skimmer is that it also helps maintain chlorine levels in the pool via two 3 inch chlorine tablets stored in its body.

To keep your pool clean in a green way, go to Hammacher Schlemmer.