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Today I came across a mattress recycling competition post and I was delighted to see it. Finally someone is doing something to spark more interest in new ways to recycle used beds. Who? Architecture for Humanity and Rubicon National Social Innovations is inviting people to enter the Discarded Dreams Mattress Competition.

Why my delight for this competition? I recently had 2 used mattresses to give away (no box springs available). I had inherited these mattresses from my sister and used them one on top of the other as a bed for my little girls. When I finally had the opportunity to buy my girls a new bed (could not afford organic mattresses) I offered the used mattress on freecycle. There are no other mattress recycling opportunities where I live. Not surprisingly, there was no response on freecycle.

I don't blame my fellow freecyclers, after all who wants to use a used mattress. I don't, unless I have to and the used mattress is from a family member. I'll buy used clothes and other used items I can easily clean, but used mattresses seems so unsanitary. Despite my ideas of used mattress and due to my wish to be as eco-friendly as possible I took another shot and offered the mattress on craigslist a few weeks later. Last week someone on craigslist finally took some interest and picked up the mattress. I was left with a sense of relief for the environment and sorrow for the people that picked up the mattress. I was well aware they had a large family and desperately needed beds.

Had they not responded and picked up the beds the mattresses would have end up on the curb for Saturday trash and eventually in the landfill along with all the other used mattress and other waste. I remember asking my neighbor within those weeks, "How do I reuse these mattress?" I suggested converting them into pet beds for my dog and his cats and dogs. We both laughed knowing my dog and his would rip the beds to shreds leaving a mess for us to pick up and just throw away. We also had no idea how to cut the beds into smaller pieces and then sew them back up.

Maybe an entrant in this competition can improve upon my idea somehow or design something more useful and creative. There is a cash prize in for them after all: 1st: $1000, 2nd: $500, 3rd: Rubicon baked goods. All an entrant has to do is come up with the best idea, show it, explain it and make it affordable be December 5th 2008.

"80% of final product must come from the mattress itself. Preference will be given to entries whose product utilizes all mattress parts and leaves minimum unused materials." Other material may be used too but it must be recycled material. Teams of up to five people are allowed.

If you are interested in the competition and need more information visit the Open Architecture Network Website here .

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Oct 12, 2008
by Anonymous

Discarded Dreams

Thank you all for you help and support in promoting Discarded Dreams! We're excited to have gotten sponsored by the folks at Keetsa and International Sleep Products Association. A big thanks to those rallying support via blog posting. We’re also glad to already have some submissions on our page.

However, we are REALLY hoping for more entries. We’re asking for your help with the extra push in promoting the competition.
Discarded Dreams is relying on the help of student organizations, bloggers, school departments and professors to attract potential entrants. Doing anything to raise awareness would be really appreciated as our deadline is quickly approaching. Tell your friends!

We've assembled a distinguished group of professionals from both the design world and mattress industry to judge the entries. We encourage you to get acquainted with the jury:

| Allan Chochinov |

Allan Chochinov is a partner of Core77, where he serves as the editor-in-chief of Core77.com, and strategist for Coroflot.com and DesignDirectory.com. In addition to his editorial work, he produces design events and competitions, and coordinates content partnerships. Prior to Core77, his consulting work specialized in product design, design strategy, and writing. He has enjoyed working on design projects in the medical and diagnostic fields, as well as in consumer products and workplace systems. (Johnson & Johnson, Herman Miller, Federal Express, Kodak, A.C. Nielsen, Oral-B, Crunch Fitness and others.) He is associate professor at New York's Pratt Institute, where he teaches two courses in the graduate I.D. department. He has received awards from I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts, The Art Directors Club and The One Club, and has been named on numerous design and utility patents.

| Julie Lasky |

Editor-in-Chief, ID magazine

| Piper Kujac |

Piper is a LEED accredited designer in San Francisco with architectural experience ranging from project manager at C. David Robinson Architects to design consultant at Origo, Inc., developing the Best House Ever business model. Trained in Architecture at the environmentally-conscious University of Oregon, she admits to an obsession with materials and resources and thrives on finding new means and methods of sustainable design. She is co-chair of the NCC Emerging Green Builders committee of the USGBC and teaches a class in Sustainable Project Development at the UC Berkeley Extension. She enjoys knitting, running marathons, and the occasional design competition, winning first prize in the Green Dollhouse Competition. She also loves trekking through virgin rainforests in Oregon, Thailand, Malaysia, and Brazil, where she recently fell in love with Ipe trees.

| Angie Tadeo |

Strategy Lead, Fuse Project
Angie Tadeo is currently Strategy Lead at fuseproject, a design and branding agency. Educated in Sociology at UC Berkeley, Angie spent many years in the fashion industry in design, merchandising, and trend forecasting before applying her consumer insight to industrial design. While at fuseproject, Angie has helped define strategic direction for clients including Birkenstock, Coca Cola, Herman Miller, and others.

| Bret Recor |

Lead Design Engineer, Fuse Project
An expert in 3D design, Bret brings technological expertise to industrial design. He is an experienced designer with proven success in completing exceptional design/engineering solutions. With a Master's degree in Industrial Design, Bret has worked with diverse clients such as Tiffany & Co., Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, One Laptop Per Child, New York City Department of Health, Aliph, and Herman Miller.

| Joe Alexander |

Joe Alexander is the Director of Keetsa Mattress, the San Francisco-based eco friendly mattress store and producer of high quality, low priced eco friendly mattresses. Under Joe's tutelage, Keetsa has grown into the number one mattress retailer in the San Francisco bay area according to Yelp. Joe and his staff are deeply committed to making changes to the bedding industry, both in customer experience and in the way mattresses are produced, shipped, used and disposed. This passion has lead to Keetsa's success in the bay area and with retailers around the country who carry the Keetsa brand. HGTV's Red Hot and Green and Carter Can programs and an episode of The View have highlighted Keetsa's innovative approach to the bedding industry. He is committed with Keetsa to constantly challenge the industry to find new ways of doing business and producing long lasting, affordable, comfortable and sustainable mattresses. An east bay resident and father of three, Joe is avid surfer and hiker, spending his off days in the local redwoods or at an Oakland A's game.

Do take a look at our competition site (www.openarchitecturenetwork.org/mattress) and please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks everyone!