Discreet Dining Hits New York With Secret Sushi Restaurant Uo

You would think that a hidden restaurant would appeal to the celebrities, especially in New York Secret SushiSecret SushiCity that finds itself plagued with paparazzi outside of celebrity hotspots where the rich and famous continue to go anyways. But while they might not appeal to the obvious crowd, discreet dining allows the average person to feel like a star!

The latest restaurant to embrace the discreet dining concept is Uo, a secret sushi restaurant which takes its name from the Japanese slang word for fish. Diners that visit this unique restaurant have to walk up to the second level dining room through a back door, that really doesn't feel like it leads to a restaurant.

While the restaurant might not feel like it's there, it does feature a world class chef and a fairly typical high-end sushi and Japanese menu with a variety of rolls, sashimi and sushi items; but there are a few even more luxurious items such as dishes that contain truffle juice. Overall, the covert dining experience is one that requires a well-packed wallet, but is sure to make diners feel even more important than they really are!

Via: Grubstreet