Discrete 'Toilet Paper Roll' Bathroom Deodorizer Makes Sense, Removes Scents

This stealthy bathroom deodorizer from Muji sits unobtrusively on your bathroom shelf, visually blending in with other rolls of toilet paper while a built-in, battery-powered fan discretely neutralizes any undesirable odors.

The 115 by 115mm (4.6 by 4.6 inch) unit has a power switch on the bottom along with a cover for the 4 size AA batteries (not included) that are required. Snap open the top cover and you'll find a quiet-running fan and a compartment for gel deodorizer.

The deodorizing gel is fragrance-free, it works by chemically binding to any odoriferous amino acids the fan brings its way. Muji estimates that each portion of gel will last about 4 months and replacement packets can be purchased for 400 yen (about $4.95) each.

Muji will begin retail sales of this stealthy "deodorizing toilet unit" on November 18th, 2010, though pre-orders are being accepted. The cost of the unit is 2,500 yen (just over $30). Muji will ship the first 200 units for free, and each of the first 500 units sold will come with an extra packet of deodorizing gel.

This product is designed to embody the Muji corporate esthetic of "form follows function" and "no branding", as seen previously in McDonalds Japan's back-to-basics Quarter Pounder stores.

One wonders, though, if this ultra-discrete bathroom deodorizer might be a bit TOO good at blending in - users should be sure there's always a REAL roll in reserve, as the deodorizer is unable to spare a square. (via Impress Watch)