Disheveled Fashion Expands To Pre-Dirtied White Shoes!

Lately the pre-worn look in fashion has been all the rage. No longer do fashion lovers need to rely on wear and tear to get the disheveled, broken in look. We've seen these trends appear in jeans, shirts, jackets and more, but now the broken in fashion look is appearing in shoes as well.

Golden Goose saves fashion lovers from the embarrassment of stepping out the house wearing blindingly white sneakers that very clearly have never been worn. There are no holes or worn soles on these Pre-Dirtied Golden Goose Shoes, but they do come pre-dirtied, or at least boast the dirty look without the actual muck. With these shoes, you can walk on your white carpet without worrying about dirt, but you still give the impression that you aren't anal retentive about the cleanliness of your white shoes.

Via: Selectism