Disney For Adults: Limited Edition Chairs Debut At Milan Furniture Fair 2010

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2010, the largest and one of the most prestigious yearly modern furniture fairs, will open tomorrow in Milan.  Every year even more exciting designs are unveiled, so you know this one will be hot!  One of the many reasons is that Walt Disney Signature, the company's adult lifestyle brand, and Cappellini, one of Italy's most spirited furniture and accessory manufacturers, have collaborated to produce four limited-edition Signature chairs, designed by four internationally renowned designers!

The set for the recent DIFFA inaugural has been recreated at the Fuori Salone, Milano Design Village, and it features big Mickey, who at 10 feet tall and 88 pounds, is sculptured from polyurethane.  Just to put things in perspective, the Disney-Cappellini chairs are surrounding the table below the sculpture.


Walt Disney Signature & Cappellini Display at DIFFA 2010: ©CappelliniWalt Disney Signature & Cappellini Display at DIFFA 2010: ©Cappellini


Without further ado, let me introduce the Disney-Cappellini chairs in larger frames...


1.  Eco Fish Chair, designed by Satyendra Pakha

Created entirely from recycled materials, the Fish Chair delights even the adult eye with its brightly colored designs floating in an opaque white background.  There are 99 members of the Pakha's Eco Fish Chair, limited edition.


Cappellini's Eco Fish Chair by Pakhalè: ©CappelliniCappellini's Eco Fish Chair by Pakhalè: ©Cappellini



2. Mickey's Ribbon Stool, designed by Nendo

There is very little that Nendo isn't designing these days... and that's for the good of all.  For adults who really cherish their childhoods, these colorful ribbon stools stand as icons to cheerfully help you celebrate those days.  These high back stools are produced from sheet metal that has been laser cut and folded.  The small clear plastic feet discreetly protect your floors. The low red stool is one of 299; the tall stool, one of 199 numbered pieces.


Cappellini's Ribbon Stool by Nendo: ©CappelliniCappellini's Ribbon Stool by Nendo: ©Cappellini



3.  Y's Mickey De Lux Chair, designed by Christophe Pillet


The Y's De Lux has the mark of its designer, a smooth, voluptuous, rounded bottom, just waiting for your own bottom to relax.  You may not see it in the photo below, but in the white leather-covered polyurethane frame, Pillet embroidered the silhouette of Mickey with white yarn.  Only 33 pieces in the Mickey De Lux series.


Cappellini's Y's De Lux Chair by Pillet: ©CappelliniCappellini's Y's De Lux Chair by Pillet: ©Cappellini



4.  Rive Droite Chair, designed by Patrick Norguet

Mickey's silhouette is defined in the 99 piece series of the Rive Droite Chair, first designed by Norguet for Cappellini in 2001.  A swivel wooden and molded-polyurethane chair, covered in a bold colored and patterned fabric... somewhere in the marvelous swirl of bubbles, there lies Mickey. The base is brushed stainless steel. 


Cappellini's Rive Droite Chair by Nourget: ©CappelliniCappellini's Rive Droite Chair by Nourget: ©Cappellini



Get your checkbooks ready for your Walt Disney/Cappellini chair.  Cappellini retailers will be taking orders starting April 26, 2010.


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