Disney's Tron Sequel Inspires Cutting Edge Toys

If you've not noticed, I'm having a geek-gasm over Disney's decision to produce a sequel to 1982's Tron.  I've been covering the unique viral marketing campaign for a while now.

But what I've really been waiting for are the toys.  I'm a kid at heart-just ask the Hellboy action figure sitting on my desk... right next to multiple R2-D2s, the Roger Rabbit stuffed animal, and the Six-Million-Dollar-Man Bionic Bigfoot (in the box, no less) that I'm about to put up on eBay.

When Avatar was released, we saw a new breed of toy that combined physical playthings with holographic virtual toys that could battle each other.  In my mind, that's a pretty difficult feat to top.

But the Tron Legacy toys may do just that.

First up we have the action figures-which use a projected image to create the character's face:

The faces are created using "impulse projection technology," which projects the actor's face onto the action figure's helmet.  While I'm not sure if that's just a cool phrase to sell the toy or if it is some sort of breakthrough in visual projection, I do believe that this is a first for the toy field, an innovative use of technology that provides an accurate representation of how the characters look in the film.

Perhaps the days of lame looking action figures with horribly sculpted facial features may be nearing an end...

And I want one.

Next we have what arguably will be the most popular toy from the film: the light cycle.

Utilizing technology developed by Spin Master for their Air Hogs line of vacuum-based wall climbing cars, the light cycle does just that: climbs walls.  And like in the films, it projects a beam of light behind it, which when crossed will "destroy" another light cycle.  In this case, "destroy" means that it will knock it off of the wall.

And I want one.  Or two, in this case, so that my girlfriend and I can solve debates by battling light cycles in the living room.

Other movie tie-ins include a video game, which I will cover when I have more info.  Until then, this insane video from the Video Game Awards will have to suffice:

Yeah... That, uh, tells me nuthin'.  What I do know is that it is a prequel to the sequel.  So it's filling in the 30-year gap between the two films.  As a completionist, that makes me happy.

Hopefully it won't fall into the morass of crappy games based on films.  I won't name names, but you know who you are certain Star Wars games.

But not you, Force Unleashed.  You're still my buddy.

Sorry.  Got distracted.  Back to Tron Legacy stuff.

The item that I'm (oddly) most excited about are the Tron-inspired keyboard and mouse from Razer.  These things look sweet!

Razer's Tron Legacy KeyboardRazer's Tron Legacy Keyboard

Razer's Tron Legacy MouseRazer's Tron Legacy Mouse

The film will be released in the US on December 17, 2010.  And I'll be there with my action figures, my light cycle, and my keyboard & mouse.  I may even have the video game on me as well.

And my girlfriend will be standing roughly 100 feet away, shaking her head and wondering why she's dating such a geek...  If I still have a girlfriend after all of that...

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