Distill Lets You Get the Most Out of Digg

Everyone uses Digg in some respect.  The user-based news service has become one of the staples of every interweb-savvy browser over the past 2 years.  However, Digg has clearly become a competitive ground for internet publicity.  This has led to a multitude of fake usernames and, unfortunately, a host of Digg-related material that just isn't fit for consumption.  Call it growing pains or call it spam promotions, a solution is needed to keep Digg from being defunct as a news source.

 Never fear!  Thinking minds are busy at work making the best of Digg-related material for the masses.  Not only does Disstill filter Digg stories by the number of "diggs" they receive, it can also show you what's hot on Digg now, or give you an RSS feed to whatever number of Diggs you specify.  This makes it easy to see (from 100 diggs to 5000) what is hot on Digg.com, and get updates on that level of popularity that you define.

 The idea behind Disstill is simple, but really undeveloped.  The site is really far from perfect, when you get down to it.  Disstill lacks a search option for key terms, and only really allows you to set the number of diggs for your RSS feed, and that's it.  Despite the lack of options, Disstill is still a usable and functional site, but one that needs much development.

The idea of filtering through the multitude of material on Digg is not a new one.  Digg itself has tried multiple times to create better filters for the site itself, but the idea of Disstill is still something outside the barrier of keyword searching that Digg has thus far embraced.  If there was a service like Distill that incorporated the ability to create custom RSS feeds on Digg (and other news aggregators, for that matter) through keyword searches, as well as popularity, we'd have a runaway killer on our hands.  For now, though, we'll have to settle for tools like Disstill, and hope that this idea picks up momentum in the future.