The PishPosh Organizer Allows You To Ditch The Diaper Bag

As any fashion-loving new mom will tell you, having to trade in the trendy purse for an unsightly diaper bag can be annoying.  Some moms try carrying a purse and the diaper bag (I am one of them), but it is an awful lot to lug around every day.  Other moms attempt to pack the necessary baby items into their purses and try to be diligent about transferring all of the stuff over each time they switch bags, but sometimes things do not fit or get left behind.

For all those who are discouraged by this style dilemma there is another choice.  The PishPosh organizer is made for moms who want to continue to use their regular purses and still carry all of the baby gear in an organized manner.  The organizer has pockets for wipes, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, etc. and closes at the top with either a drawstring or zipper, depending on the style you choose.


It seems like a good option for moms who like to carry a variety of medium to large purses because you can quickly transfer all of the essentials from one bag to the next so you will not find yourself without a crucial item.  It would probably even be handy to keep your own basics in so they do not get left behind either.   

Editor's Note: In addition to the Pish Posh Organizer, there are now many diaper bag organizer inserts on the martket.   This diaper bag insert is one interesting option that makes any diaper bag more functional.  This super cheap and very well rated purse organizer can also be used.


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Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

Pish Posh Organizer

Sounds like a great way to turn any bag you love into a diaper bag and/or make your favorite diaper bag even more user friendly!