Ditch The Snaps - Magnificent Baby Offers Magnetic Clothing


Baby sleepers look so cozy – so much so that sometimes in the winter I wish that they came in my size.  I love seeing how warm and happy my little baby looks when she is all snapped into one, I just don’t always love doing the snapping.

Those little snaps can be a huge pain in the @#*!  They are bad enough to line up in the daytime with your baby kicking his/her legs around, but when you have to do those middle of the night diapers changes they can be downright impossible.  You think that you have it all lined up, but then you get down to the last snap and there is nothing there to match it up with.  Now, even though you are trying to lull your baby back to sleep you have to yank open all of the snaps and start again.

To avoid this hassle you can get your baby into some Magnificent Baby magnetic closure clothes.  These clever jammies are made to close up quickly and easily with a series of magnets instead of the traditional snaps.  They are safety tested and are also fine to be put in the regular laundry.  What a great idea!  You can get Magnificent Baby clothing here


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Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

Magnectic Baby Clothes

This sounds like a wonderful idea, but are there any health risks? Magnets are used in jewelry for medicinal purposes, so I was just wondering if they would have any effect on the baby.

Mar 1, 2011
by Kim Patterson

Not that I know of, but that

Not that I know of, but that is an interesting thought.

Jun 13, 2011
by Anonymous


The idea is great .