DIY Blood Type Test Kit? In the Toy Section?

In searching around for new and inventive toys, I sometimes stumble on an item that is categorized as a toy... but for the life of me, I can't figure out how.

Case in point: The DIY Blood Type Test Kit by beyourdoctor.

In many places online, this little whopper is listed in the Science/Educational Toys section.  Why????

THEORY: Maybe little Billy has a sneaking suspicion that Dad isn't really who he says he is.  Maybe Dad is some sort of monster that just parades around in Dad's skin...

So Billy, being the brave little scamp that all kids named Billy are, goes down to the local toy store to pick up a Do-It-Yourself Blood Type Test Kit.  But Marv, the local toy store manager, tells Billy that he doesn't carry anything that would draw blood from a person's body-on purpose, anyway.  Marv slowly angles Billy away from his out-dated Lawn Dart section...

So, with a downtrodden stance and a frown, Billy meanders home... to find the creature that may be his father conducting a sinister activity: grilling raw meat over an open flame.

His Mom, blissfully unaware of the menace that lives beneath her own roof, makes salad.

Just one look at her innocent face doubles Billy's resolve.

He hits the Internet.  He finds what he wants at two prominent sites, one of which lists it in the Science Toys section:

According to Billy, this results card is the bane of monsters worldwide...According to Billy, this results card is the bane of monsters worldwide...

Two weeks later (with the help of "Dad's" credit card), Billy has a DIY Blood Type Test Kit.  Dad doesn't know what's coming...

Okay, okay... so that's a little extreme.  And we also have to recognize that a blood type kit wouldn't prove anything about Billy's father actually being a monster.*  The kit doesn't provide DNA info-just blood type.

It's quite easy to use.  Check out this video, courtesy of Geek Girl TV.  It shows how to use the kit-and provides quite a bit of charm considering that a small amount of life-sustaining fluid is being drawn...

As you could see in the video, the kit is quite easy to use.  And as much fun as I had writing about Billy, I must admit that this is quite a useful item.  Each kit comes with a blood typing ELDONCARD with foil laminating sheet, sterile gauze plaster, an application device, alcohol swab, a transfer pipette, and a results chart.  Of course none of this would be any good without the instruction sheet.

Of crucial importance is that it is approved by the FDA Bureau of Medical Devices, as well as by the German equivalent of the FDA (the Paul Erlich-Institute).

Results ChartResults Chart

Uses include blood screening, physical exam applications, and pre-blood transfusion testing.  And we all know that getting the right type of blood in your body is important, right?  Yes.  Yes, we do.

*Just in case you wanted to know-yes, Billy's Dad is a monster.  The kind with bug-eyes, four arms, scales, and a giant mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.  Billy's Mom finds this something of a turn-on.

You can get this kit to prick your own finger at ThinkGeek and Amazon.

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