DIY Chinese Lamborghini Lookalike is a Big Boy's Toyota, No Bull

If you believe beauty's only skin deep, you're gonna love the LP640, a home-made homage to the mighty Lamborghini Murcielago LP64 built by a skilled Chinese car craftsman in his workshop garage. If you love it enough to want to buy it, you're in luck: the builder's listed it for 420,000 yuan (about $66,000) provided the buyer pays a 50% down payment.

What you get is what you see... and less. The DIY "Shanzai" (imitation) Lambo is based on a second-generation Toyota MR2 (left), a mid-engine automobile made from 1989 through 1999.

The model W20 MR2 displays a noticeable resemblance to the Ferrari 348 and the Ferrari F355, so much so that it acquired the nickname “poor man's Ferrari” and aftermarket suppliers produced kits designed to enhance the resemblance. It may be that the unnamed Chinese craftsman who came into possession of an otherwise unremarkable red MR2 was inspired after seeing one or more of these automotive cosmetic surgeries.

Cosmetic is the word: the LP640's body is built on the original MR2's chassis and is powered by the original 175 hp engine. The builder mentions the addition of stainless steel, steel pipe and steel plate in the driver and passenger side doors. He also states the car's symbol plaque, glass, grille, tail lights and exterior accessions are “all original factory parts”... if these are made in China for Lamborghini, that makes perfect sense.

Real Lamborghini Murcielago LP64Real Lamborghini Murcielago LP64 "Shanzai" DIY LP640"Shanzai" DIY LP640








Inside, drivers will enjoy power windows, power wing doors, GPS navigation, a backup camera, real leather seats with 4 point racing seat belts, and a leather interior. The builder states the “interior is Lamborghini style, dashboard is not Lamborghini.”

Interested in a roadable Lamborghini lookalike for just 66 grand? If you're willing to endure a 6-month reservation period and provide a 50% down payment, you're in there! Chinese buyers beware, however: as the vehicle has been extensively modified such that it can no longer be considered a Toyota MR2, authorities will not issue the owner license plates and will only allow public display and/or driving on non-public roads (whatever that might mean). If you plan to import it to your own nation, OTOH, YMMV. (via China Hush and

Jul 2, 2012
by Anonymous

Get Lisc & produce

Get a Lisc & Mass produce this car, Id drive this in the USA big timer.