DIY Glowing Dinosaurs Lamps: Dig It

Looking for a fun summer project that will entertain the kids?  Well, look no further! Glowing Dinosaurs Lamps are super cool products kids actually make themselves. What a great way to inspire your budding electrician, up-and-coming archaeologist or apprentice builder!  Imagine the pride of putting a lamp together all by themselves!

DIY Dinosaur LampDIY Dinosaur Lamp

The attractive lamp is not only functional, it is sure to be a a great conversation piece as well.  Just imagine all the neighborhood kids checkin' out the dinosaur lamp!  The hardest part of the project is deciding which prehistoric pet to buy: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, Triceratops or Diplodocus.

DIY Dinosaur LampsDIY Dinosaur Lamps

Similar to a puzzle, the kiddies just slide and glide the pieces, made out of precision cut sheets of flexible plastic, into place creating their very own glowing prehistoric lamp. There are between 15 and 18 pieces in each set. Each lamp measures about 13 inches tall and, depending on how handy you are, takes about half an hour to create.

DIY Dinosaur LampsDIY Dinosaur Lamps

The DIY Glowing Dinosaur Lamps include step-by-step directions and photographs. Each kit includes the pieces, a 120V AC cord and switch. The lamps require a candelabra-style light bulb, E12 in North American and E10 and E11 in Europe, which are not included in the package. Just make sure you read the instructions prior to purchasing the bulb - you want to make sure you get the correct kind. And depending on where you purchase the light, a wire light stand may be included in the kit. Each lamp retails for under $20.(Buy here.)

Source and Photos: ThinkGeek and Gadget Brando

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