DIY: Make Your Own Shoes

Mary Wales LoomisMary Wales LoomisIf you belong to the multitude that is sick of overpriced shoes and or wants some that are more personalized Mary Wales Loomis ' book might be for you.

Says Mary, "I have always designed and made clothes, and occasionally hats and bags. One day, I looked at my shoes and wondered what was inside them. So I tore a pair of shoes apart with a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers. When I looked at the parts, I realized I could duplicate them."


The 87-page book contains 81 professional, detailed illustrations, from making the lasts to finishing the shoes. Lasts by the way are made from plaster of Paris, using a pair of old shoes to get the exact shape and size of your shoe.

According to user reviews the book is pretty self explanatory and easy to follow.

Mary Wales Loomis makes alien terms and phrases like ‘cast your feet', ‘cement' and ‘counter' seem familiar and demystifies the whole process of shoe making.








So if your creative juices are on a high and you want to make a pair of stunning shoes for yourself, go get a copy of the book at Amazon , or check out her website.


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