DIY Pantone Chip Cookies By Designer Kim Neill

Pantone Chip Cookies in giftable Pantone Tin: © Kim NeillPantone Chip Cookies in giftable Pantone Tin: © Kim Neill Designer Kim Neill is quite familiar with Pantone color chips.  She uses them daily in her design work, and when she needs to communicate with many of her clients about color, she just references the 'book,' aka the Pantone color book.  What genius came to her when she decided to make Pantone Chip Cookies for client gifts!

Browsing around her favorite art supply shop, Neill came across some empty Pantone tins in various colors.  She immediately gravitated toward the red, Pantone 186 C, and that's when the idea came to her to try to make Pantone cookies to fill the tins and gift them to her clients.

Baking the cookies wasn't hard, she says.  Indeed, they 'were so FUN to make (and) easy too."  You can get Neill's easy recipe for Pantone Chip Cookies on her website.  She shares other creative DIY projects with her readers as well. 


Pantone Chip Cookies by Kim Neill: © Kim NeillPantone Chip Cookies by Kim Neill: © Kim Neill


Pantone Boxes are available at in various colors...

 Pantone tin boxesPantone tin boxes


Neill also suggests that you can present individual gifts of Pantone Chip Cookies in Pantone Mugs.


 Pantone Color BoxesPantone Color Boxes


Making the Pantone Chip Cookies sounds like a lot of fun to make and, really, how clever can you get?


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Thanks to Steve Levenstein for finding the Pantone cookies!



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