DIY Pocky Machine Helps You Roll Your Own Snacks

Pocky sticks are one of Asia's most popular snacks, and thanks to Bandai's DIY home Pocky machine you won't have to go to the store to get 'em.

Pocky, for those unfamiliar, are slim cookie sticks from Japan which have been dipped in a variety of different candy or confection coatings... and by "variety", I mean just about every flavoring one can imagine. Seriously, Pocky gives Kit Kat a run for their money when it comes to putting out new tasty flavors.

Slim, bite-sized and delicious, Pocky is just about the ideal snack but like everything, there's always room for improvement. Or so Bandai thought when brainstorming up the Pan de Quick-Roll Pocky-like Bread Snack Machine.

Get past the name, which is something of a mouthful, and you get everything you need to design and create your own custom Pocky sticks that most definitely ARE a mouthful.

The kit, which is available for 3,200 yen (about $34) from Tokyo's Strapya World, comes with a bread cutter, display stand, pallet, chocolate pot, chocolate pocket, roller, and a pair of decoration sticks.

Just follow the handy illustrated instructions and in no time you'll be enjoying homemade Pocky snacks. Rolling your own never tasted so good!

Update: This pocky machine is no longer available. But you can still get some pocky to enjoy here.