DJI's Inspire One Drone Is Proof Positive That Big Things Come In Small Packages

If you know anything about the world of consumer drones, then you'll know that DJI's a pretty big name there. They're responsible for the development of the Phantom, known to be one of the best drones on the market. Earlier this week, they topped it. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Inspire One.

At $2800, the Inspire One carries a pretty hefty price tag. For the serious drone enthusiast, however, it's more than worth the money. Because of the way it transforms during takeoff - tucking its legs into the model itself - it's capable of recording three hundred sixty degrees of unobstructed video with its 4K camera. Not only that, it allows for two controllers - one to pilot the device, and one to act as a cameraman. 

Perhaps most exciting, however, is that the Inspire One integrates DJI's Lightbridge system, which allows users to view and store a 1080p video in realtime, at a distance of up to a mile. Since the technology itself retails at a whopping $1400, that it's attached to the Inspire One means it's actually something of a steal.

There are a few other features that make the drone promising, as well. A ground-facing camera ensures that the drone's capable of remaining steady and stabilized even without a GPS signal, while the Inspire One app allows users to draw out a route and view how closely the drone's following it - in addition to setting a dynamic home position for the drone to return to. Additionally, DJI plans to bring autonomous waypoint navigation and a Follow Me feature to the drone - but both of those aren't likely to show up until some point in the future; according to the drone's creator, they aren't quite perfect yet. 

Still, even without those features, the Inspire One looks to be an incredibly promising product. You can read more about it here, if you'd like - maybe even pick one up for yourself for the Christmas season.