Djubi: Fun To Say, Fun To Play

Have a mom, older sibling, aunt or guardian that's constantly bugging you to stop playing video games and get outside? Want to appease them while exerting minimal effort? Djubi is for you.

The game is similar to a mini-lacrosse game I played when I was a kid, only there's one major difference: you don't actually need to throw the ball. In fact, you really don't need any skills--or arm muscles-- to hurl the ball, because it comes on an elastic band and launches right off the hook on the top of your racket. And that giant fishnet of a pocket makes catching the ball pretty effortless too.

So really, you're not getting a whole lot more exercise than you would be if you were inside playing video games or surfing the Web--assuming your buddy doesn't launch the thing 50 feet away from you. Not really sure that this beats playing old-fashioned catch, lacrosse, frisbee or Stick-ums Velcro catch, but it's a pretty low-effort activity for the yard, beach or parking lot. And the ball slingshots up to 100 feet--kids are bound to love that, especially after they realize that they can ditch the catching aspect and just start firing away at each other. 

You can find Djubi on Amazon for a list price of $30. 

Via: Coolest Gadgets 

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