Can Design Teach Us Better Judgment? The "View" by DK Ahn

DaeKyung Ahn, who goes by DK Ahn, is one of the "chosen few" new designers of the future at the 100% Design Show this Fall. An industrial engineer by training and vocation, DK's 100% Design show is strictly for the home. An extremely talented designer, he can translate a perceived need into product very deftly. Sometimes these perceived needs are social, as in View; a "teaching chair," if you will.

VIEW, Chair Design, DK Ahn

In the View, Ahn makes a profound observation about how people see each other by their most obvious characteristic at a certain time or in a certain situation. Even when circumstances change for the other and his behavior changes accordingly, we don't tend to allow that second impression to enter or last in our minds as another "view" of the person. So, if a strong impression is made on us during a person's moment of anger, we will see that person as angry, despite a subsequent meeting in which the person is rational and calm.

In the material world, though, Ahn observes, people are more willing to accept different perspectives; they perceive, for example, that a table's legs are not perpendicular to the floor when seen from above, and they allow that vision to stay in their minds.

"It is very ironic that it is difficult to see the physical world through a particular view point without changing that view point in our mind," Ahn writes.

Ahn designs the View to teach social perspective, using his obvious mathematical skills to create a chair that is a perceptual puzzle. It is only through use of the chair that all of its views can eventually be seen, but even then the totality of the View will remain a mystery.

Here are a few unique perspectives:



It's rare for such a young designer to communicate a profound behavioral observation about people and attempt to teach them an opposite behavior all at once in the same design. Does DK Ahn succeed?

D.K. Ahn's new works will be on display at 100% Design at Earl's Court, London, September 18 - 21 at Stand N90.

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Sep 15, 2008
by Anonymous


People are too simple minded for their perceptions of people too be changed by the design of a chair or anything for that matter. I mean, the chair is mad, its design is awesome and i would love to own one. But he gives too much credit to people. Over-estimating their intelligence.