DK Travel Gets It Right With Personalized, Custom Travel Guides

I recently wrote about Offbeat Guides, which fell a bit flat on our expectations of customization. But now Dorling Kindersley (DK) Travel gets in right by bringing personalization to their custom travel guides.











Everything missing from Offbeat Guides, DK Travel has considered by clearly paying attention to the growing trend that allows consumers to get creative when developing a custom product.  The company currently enables people to create their own travel guides for approximately 40 locations worldwide. During the process, users can make their own title for their unique publication, and submit an image of the cover.













Instead of being stuck with a standardized list of the destination's attractions, travelers are able to select their own to include based on their interests and vacation plans. The rest of the guide is pretty standard, outlining the top 10 places to visit when staying at your destination of choice, providing an overview of important facts and of course detailing shopping destinations, places to eat, events, architecture, history and everything else that you'd find in a typical travel guide.






Prices are reasonable to purchase the guides, at $15 USD or 10 GBP including shipping for a printed version, or $5 USD/ 2.50 GBP for a PDF download. You can also choose to share your guide with other DK Travel users and see if other people appreciate your custom designs.

The DK Travel website does offer services beyond just travel guide customization, they also act as a comprehensive resource for travelers by allowing users to submit, rate and provide their experiences at travel destinations around the world.

Dorling Kinsley has already made a name for themselves as a leader in the travel guide industry, so we shouldn't be too surprised to see them setting trends when it comes to making use of new technologies, and offering in-depth customization to the normal person.