Who Am I? Ask My DNA Bookcase!

A bookcase tells your story... who you are... who you became after your genetics determined your hair and eye color.  In MYDNA, Mexican designer Joel Escalon has designed an altar-like DNA strand that lets you tell your own unique story through the things you love -- you personal treasures and the books, music, and movies that entertain or inspire you.

MDNA is dramatic, dynamic, and totally organic.  Make of wood, painted in matte or gloss, in the color of your choice, you DNA statement is not one you make in your office or bedroom.  It's one that's right out there for you and others to enjoy in its sequential splendor.





MYDNA is 5'5" tall and 1'7" wide at the top.  Choose your DNA carefully....

: Joel Escalona Studio will be at the ICFF 2009 show at the Javitts Convention Center in NYC, May 16 - 19.  Photos via Furniture Fashion