Do You Drink Enough Water? H2O-Pal Can Tell You

H2O PalH2O Pal

Fatigue, digestive problems, obesity, eczema. These are just some of the symptoms of chronic dehydration--a condition from which about 75% of Americans suffer. This is where the H2O-Pal comes in. It is a gadget that attaches to the bottom of your water bottle and relays to your smartphone, via app, your daily intake of water. 

H2O Pal AppH2O Pal App

The H2O-Pal never touches your water, doing its work through a Bluetooth sensor. The sensor sends information to your smartphone app, which keeps track of your daily water intake, helps you set hydration goals and reminds you when you need to drink more water. 

While I think that any device that aides in a healthy lifestyle has its strong points (the prime and most obvious benefit being that it promotes health), I'm not sold on how the H2O-Pal makes the healthy life easier. It just seems to me that drinking water is one of the simplest acts of daily life, and I think that anyone who is aware of the importance of proper hydration can be sure they are hydrated relatively easy (it's called the pee test--if your urine is clear or a clear-ish yellow in color, you're good). On the other hand, those who aren't aware of the importance of proper hydration aren't going to search out a hydration-aide product. The problem with a lack of hydration in an individual is more of an education problem, rather than a logistic problem. 

With that said, here's the strong point that I mentioned earlier. The H2O-Pal could be a great tool for parents, especially parents of school-aged children. With the H2O-Pal, parents can be sure that their children are properly hydrated. They just snap the H2O-Pal on the kid's water bottle and they'll know how much water little Sally or little Johnny drank that day. 

The H2O-Pal may not be something I would deem a healthy lifestyle necessity, but it can certainly be helpful. If you're a health-conscious technology freak, you may love this gadget. If you're a parent who wants to be absolutely sure your child is properly hydrated, you may find it to be very helpful. Or you could be like myself and applaud anyone making a healthy decision and purchase (no matter if you think it's unnecessary), while keeping your regular, ordinary water bottle at your side. 

Source: H2O-Pal