Do You Know How Long Itzbeen Since You Fed the Baby?

 Itzbeen Baby Care TimerItzbeen Baby Care Timer

As all new parents quickly find out, sleep deprivation affects more than just how you feel; it also has quite a negative impact on your thought patterns.  The great irony here is that all of a sudden you have so many extra details you need to remember.  After all, you are responsible for a completely dependent little person.  There are feedings and diaper changes and naps and countless other important bits of information to keep track of.  It can all be very overwhelming and has driven more than a few normally serene people to fits of tears.

These pressures were the inspiration for the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer.  Created by an overwhelmed mom and dad, the Itzbeen device has separate timers for all of the important baby care elements and displays them on one convenient screen.  With one touch of the appropriate button, the timer will start counting up to the next feeding or nap time.

In addition, the Itzbeen has a nursing reminder switch to help moms remember which side they last fed on.  The makers have also recognized that a lot of baby care takes place in the wee hours of the morning, so the device also has a nightlight and backlit screen to help you find and read it in the dark.

Source: Itzbeen

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