Start Making Money Online With These Part-Time Online Business Ideas


Ka-ching! That's the sound of the cash register when you record another sale. Too bad clicking the refresh button on your Google Adsense, Paypal account, or affiliate account does not make the same satisfying sound. Oh well. At least you can take comfort in the fact that the returns can equal or possibly even beat the ka-ching of the trusty cash register of a small business anytime.

And besides, who wants to hear the sound of cash register while you sleep? Online business is 24/7! Read on to find out some business ideas that you can implement today.



Part-Time Online Business Idea No. 1 - Offer Transcription

This is an easy service to offer and all you need is a computer, a headset and a reliable Internet connection.  A fast typing speed and a high accuracy rate and you're all set.


Part-Time Online Business Idea No. 2 - Sell Online

Believe it or not, some people actually make a killing selling stuff on eBay and Amazon. Look around your home and sell unwanted items such as books, videos and clothes. Once you've gotten used to this, you can start buying items online and reselling them for a quick profit. It's so easy you can start it today!


Part-Time Online Business No. 3 - Become a Virtual Assistant

You would be surprised to discover how much some people are willing to pay for a virtual assistant that is willing to devote as little as two hours a day. All you need to do is provide administrative and other kinds of support to corporations and small businesses. To land a job like this, you need to have excellent customer service and organization skills.


Part-Time Online Business Idea No. 4 - Do Internet Research

A lot of corporations look for part-time Internet researchers because it is more cost-effective than hiring a permanent employee. If you have great research skills, a computer, and Internet access, this is one part-time online business idea that is suitable for you.


Part-Time Online Business Idea No. 5 - Offer Other Freelance Services

What do you do in your day job? What are your skills? Offer your trade-specific knowledge online and charge an hourly rate. Copywriting, programming and graphics design are just some of the skills that are often in demand. The beauty of this online part-time business idea is that you don't even have to interact with the client face-to-face. Utilize the power of e-mail and instant messaging. You'll be able to earn extra bucks for a few hours of your time while you are relaxing in the comforts of your own home.



I think the key thing to remember is that this is a list of part-time online business ideas. It isn't a list of part-time online jobs--although it may seem like one. The main difference between a part-time freelancing job and a business is that the job requires your active participation and long hours. Build a business and leverage on other people's time and effort. Consider yourself successful when you can take a vacation with your business getting along by itself, earning you massive passive income at minimum effort and maximum return.

Good luck!

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Apr 3, 2009
by Anonymous

Medical Transcription

Sorry, I did not mean to reply anonymously. I am posting on behalf of AHDI.

Lea M. Sims, CMT, AHDI-F
Directory of Communications & Publications
Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI)

Apr 3, 2009
by Donna Pacheco

On Medical Transcription and Robert's Blog

@Lea: Post edited. I'm now making it about simple transcription. Appreciate you pointing that out.

@Karina: Unfortunately, I have no control over that. Thanks for pointing that out though. 

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