Do You Know Who Your Customer Is?


One of the fatal flaws of unsuccessful inventors and failed small businesses is that they don't focus on who their target audience is.

For your product, you need to clarify who would be likely to buy you product and figure out how to make your product attractive to that audience. It's very helpful to put yourself in the shoes of who the buyer might be and craft your product and advertising pitch to make sure that type of buyer would be moved by your meesage to buy your product.

For example, I have featured to you today a mouse pad called a Chest Rest that is ergonomically correct, allowing the user to rest their wrist on what looks like boobs. Now, this product is not going to be used by everyone. Who do you think should be the target audience for this Wacky Product? Somehow, marketing this product to blue-haired ladies seems like the wrong move to me and doomed to failure. Who and how would you as the inventor try to successfuly market this? Chest2R101B

EDITOR'S UPDATE: The chest rest is no longer available. But there is a huge selection of great looking boob mouse pads available here.