Do You Look Like Your Dog? Make Something From It!


Paul & Buddy, San Diego, CAPaul & Buddy, San Diego, CA Paul and his dog Buddy from San Diego, California had their pictures taken at the beach and submitted one to Jet Blue Airway's Pet Look-Alike photo contest. Next thing they knew they each had a free round-trip ticket to any of 51 cities on Jet Blue's fly-to list.

Jet Blue's Pet Look-Alike contest only had a ten day period of entry, so you had to be on the ball to get in on it. But all you needed was a decent picture of you and your look-alike pet and look what you stood to win. Even the four runners-up won JetBlue's JetPaws Pet Carrier and Pet Travel Kit, a $70 value.

Joe & Kramer, Ankorage, AKJoe & Kramer, Ankorage, AK

One of the most frequently overlooked source of income and free gifts are our own pets. Can your dog do special tricks? Can he count by barking? Can he pretend to be another animal, like a cat maybe? Is he easily trainable? Teach him something unique. Videotape your pet's weird or funny stuff and upload it to America's Funniest Home Videos. The show pays up to $10,000 for a top pet video, and more, if yours makes it into one of the broader categories. Maybe you and your pet can get on David Letterman?

But the pet look-alike contests require the least effort and they are very prevalent online -- locally, nationally, and internationally. Here's one going on right now: Do You Look Like Your Dog?® This is a major contest. Get in there and do it!

Courtney & Herby, Sutdio City, CACourtney & Herby, Sutdio City, CA How do you learn about pet contests? The easiest way is to set up Google e-mail reports from Google Alerts. Look for "pet contests," or more specifically "pet look alike contests." I would get a comprehensive report, so you can get news from as many sources as possible.

Your pets just may be able to help you out during this recession!

Jet Blue's Pet Look-Alike contest


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