Do You Need Some Help Kissing?: Great Idea?

Patent# US 6789799 is enough to make someone wonder if they ever do anything right. The Kissing Shield Game and Method of Use Thereof seems to this objective observer to defeat the whole purpose of a kiss; namely, to become more intimate with the kissee. How can that be accomplished if a mask is put over the face? Although well intentioned, as germs are always a formidable foe, it would seem that only the really germophobic among us might go for this. Perhaps Michael Jackson might be interested, if you can catch him spending any time outside his oxygen tent, that is.



The Kissing Shield Game and Method of Use Thereof is a 2004 invention, which is a game designed to get people, mostly kids, to use the kissing shield. It comes with removable pegs, a playing surface, frames, several flexible membranes, which form a kissing shield and a resetable timer. The playing surface has several holes arranged in a predetermined pattern with each hole capable of receiving at least one of the removable pegs. The kissing shield is used when a selected person is kissed so that the player learns safe affection and the proper use of the kissing shield through repetition.

Kissing has both inspired and distracted many inventors down through the ages. Consider “Sega's Sexy New Female Robot Sings, Dances, Kisses” and also “Kiss My Ass! - 10 Great Hot Butt Ads (SFW)” .

As for me, The Kissing Shield Game and Method of Use Thereof is one that would probably remain on the top shelf of my closet (if I could find it) but maybe germophobes will consider it a new and different path to salvation.


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