Do you think we'll see tonight's ideas end up in Kmart or Target? Or are they headed for the deadidea bin?

car window fan bizrate Just wanted to get people thinking about what makes for a good idea. The stated goal of AI is to find a product they can mass market. Something that the world needs and wants, but does not yet exist. We had lots and lots of emails from people commenting on how certain products should have moved forward from Episode 101. One example: the kids doggie window fan. So to put this topic to bed, once and for all. And to bring up an interesting question for this show in general here's something to think about.

I spent 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. I went to the united states patent office search site and looked up car window + fan. And faster than it's taking me to write this blog, here's what I found. window patentnew photo of window fan Then I found this: And then I did a google. Guess what I found at... That's the color photo at top of... insert drumroll... a car window fan. This took 5 minutes. I advise every inventor to spend a little time doing their research before spending a dime on a patent. And every producer of a major TV show as well. Go to the above uspto website. Use google. Ask your friends, honestly, is this a good idea? Am I crazy? Should I mortgage my home? I'm glad to see the idea got the boot. Or in AIS terms, the BUST. But, why did they bring him on in the first place? Ok... stupid question. Because he's a kid and make for good watercooler talk. Or blogging for that matter. Looking forward to tonight's big ideas. I truly hope that amazing things will result. And then the next time I walk through the mall or Kmart or Target or Circuit City or I'm on the beach or on a picnic or in a hurricane or riding my bike or giving my kids a time out or eating peanuts or thinking about leaving my pet in a car during the middle of summer... I'll have AI to thank for my solution. I'll be blogging tonight, giving a play by play of the show. Stay tuned. And you West Coasters, be warned - I don't want to spoil it for you. But I can't wait until midnight to post. I get sleepy.

Mar 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


I really can not believe that people have spent so much money and time into ideas that already exist. It may seem stupid but I guess these people just don't know how to get this type of information. At least the first episode has been an eye opener for all inventors and if anyone reads this website they can find out how to find out if their idea already exists.

Mar 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

You are absolutely right

You are absolutely right about the dog fan, and if you find that a product has been patented by someone else that is a no brainer. But I can say, just because a product is for sale on line somewhere, that doesn't mean that it was a stolen idea. For example in our case, before applying to AI we tried to test market our product on a popular website and sold them some wholesale. They sold out and the website bought 20 more from us right before inventor. If you were to google our product you would find his website in the #1 position. But it is us who sold some to him. He also uses a generic name becuase we didnt give our product its current name until the show. So, just be careful about assuming....but obviously if a product is patented by someone else it belongs to them. I too am amazed that ABC didnt check it out better before airing.

Mar 23, 2006
by Think Outside T...
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Totally agree.

The patent office search should always be the first stop. BUT if you have an idea for a product, that isn't patented yet, and it's out in the world already, it's likely not worth the money to patent as it's become public domain. google will give you an good idea if the product is on the market - but it doesn't tell you who owns the patent. As you said, you could have licensed it, sold it to a third party wholesaler, whatever.

The basic point. Do your research. Inventor. Producer. Multimilliondollarcorporation.

Apr 13, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Your wrong - not a doggie fan but an airconditioner

Kyle Myhra's invention is nothing like the doggie fan it is an actual airconditioner. It is too bad that they did not show his whole presentation because maybe you would not have wasted so much of your time researching and writing about the wrong thing. I guess you will just have to wait until it's on the market.