Do Your Meals Lack Spice? Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers To The Rescue

In the land of SUCK UK, a tiny oasis in the United Kingdom, where folks seem to sit around being silly all day and having a "bot-load" of fun (yes, I am jealous), the latest development is a pair of wind-up salt and pepper shakers in the forms of adorable robots.

Not as high-tech as most robots designed today, but who cares?  The Salt & Pepper 'Bots bring humor, as well as spice, to the dining table. 

With the Salt & Pepper 'Bots, you can forget having to reach across the table when a mate requests, "Pass the pepper, please."  You just wind up the Pepper 'Bot and send it marching off to meet the demand.

Well, "marching," may be a euphemism here; the Salt & Pepper 'Bots actually waddle.  Watch....




Of course, you might get silly yourself a bit, and have a 'bot fight...



The Wind Up Robots Salt & Pepper Shakers are now available at Suck UK.