Avoid Co-Worker Cooties With The Vioguard™ Self-Sanitizing Computer Keyboard

I doubt the word 'cooties' was in Vioguard's application to the FDA  for approval of the very first Self-Sanitizing Keyboard (The UVKB50), but when you consider all of the types of germs that congregate on and between the keys of communal computer keyboards, you'll definitely want to avoid them like the cooties.  Hopefully, your company is willing to wait on line to order the hygienic keyboard....


Vioguard's Self-Sanitizing Keyboard: ©VioguardVioguard's Self-Sanitizing Keyboard: ©Vioguard


Yes, the FDA approved the Self-Sanitizing Keyboard.  Vioguard demonstrated that the keyboard's germicidal ultraviolet light (UV-C) kills more than 99.9 percent of harmful micro-organisms within seconds. That includes flu germs and antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria (MRSA). The Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases (CFID) estimates that healthcare associated infectious diseases strike about 250,000 patients a year - that is people who were patients before they were infected through association with a hospital or other healthcare facility.

Besides how successful the Self-Sanitizing Keyboard is at, virtually, eliminating the keyboard as a source of other people's germs, this gadget is super- cool.  Watch it in action...



Pretty cool, huh?  Now you, my dear consumer, will probably have to wait your turn to land one of these babies on your desk.  That will happen, I'm sure, eventually.  But Vioguard has hardly started to manufacture those that will surely be acquired by hospitals, labs, and other germ-exposed environments, so somewhere down the line, you'll be able to order one for your own. 

Right now, Vioguard is looking for some deep UV pockets to get its production going.

For now, we'll just have to rely on Self-Sanitizing Surface Sprays and Sanitizing Wands.


Sources: Vioguard, Gizmodo, Nerdy Science Blog Tip via Steve!


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Jan 7, 2012
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nice article