Dodge 'Em - The Kinder, Gentler Dodge Ball Game

With Memorial Day around the corner, why not gather up the fam and play a fun and light-hearted game together? The Dodge ‘Em game is a totally entertaining game that, unlike its predecessor, involves no pain.

 Dodge 'EmDodge 'Em

And playing is easy. Just place the pieces on a flat surface, line 'em up and aim the ball. See how many pieces you can knock over with one roll. The game is not only fun for kids, but for stressed out adults as well. And better yet, no humans are harmed in this exercise!

Dodge 'EmDodge 'Em

Dodge 'Em includes a soft spongeball and eight colorful 3 x 5 inch screen-printed wooden blocks.  Designed by Liz Goulet Dubois, the set retails for around $11.

Source and Photos:  WorldWide Fred