Dodge To Make Final Production Decision for Electric Line-Up

While most of the attention has been hovering around the Chevy Volt, Dodge has also been working on a sports based all electric vehicle in the background. Their development has been running just about parallel to the Volt and many people are expecting a release date very close to that of the Chevy. Not too long ago, Dodge decided to take the wraps off its sporty EV to offer the Volt some friendly competition.


Like the Volt, Dodge's EV will be brought about from the collaboration on several different Lithium Ion Battery companies. One of the more prominent companies, A123, also worked with Chevrolet on the battery pack for the Volt.

If you take a look at the styling of the body, it becomes very apparent that it was not designed by Dodge alone. Lotus was the mastermind behind the aerodynamic curves and sporty door panels that will be used for production. Dodge has been working with Lotus on the Pure electric sports car, but there are no official plans for co-production.

Dodge also unveiled plans for the next iteration of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Both will be extended range electric vehicles and are also in the same stages of production as the EV.


The Jeep will be capable of going off road, but will only be 2 wheel drive for the time. A reliable in-wheel electric propulsion system is being developed and as soon as it becomes available, you can be sure it will be put to use. The Town and Country is currently based on a Mercedes B-Class foundation, with no farther plans as of yet. Both the Wrangler and the Town and Country will use the same A123 produced batteries in conjunction with a small gasoline engine.

Which vehicle will be produced first has not yet been decided. According to Chrysler, the decision as to which one will be produced and released first will be made in about 6 months.