Does Tsū or A+ Get The Top Grade?

Tsu (pronounced ‘Sue’) -- the social network that pays you for your content -- scaled past 3 million users this past week in less than 5 short months. Based on a monetization model where ninety percent of its advertising revenues are actually distributed to its members, its algorithm weighs views, likes, comments, shares and numbers of followers in a somewhat modified MLM scheme to determine the payouts.


While the average users will never leave their day jobs to attempt to make a living on Tsu, celebrities like 50 Cent on the other hand benefit from having their large followings follow them to Tsu -- allowing them to accrue sizable revenue shares, which in turn can be redirected to their favorite charities.

Ashton Kutcher's A+Ashton Kutcher's A+Ashton Kutcher has been known to dabble in social media dating back to his well-publicized Twitter challenge with Larry King in 2009. He has since launched his own social media agency called Katalyst Media - and this week he's back in the 'social media' news again. Except this go-around, he appears to be taking his lead from Sebastian Sobczak, the founder of Tsu.

Called A+ but found online as “,” the actor’s network, similar to Tsu is another social experiment is rewarding content producers. While on the surface it appears as a feel-good newsworthy website, at its core core A+ is a publishing platform for writers, marketers and celebrities who are hoping their content will go viral.

Brass Ring

In exchange for viral stories, A+ will pay its contributors a share of the ad revenue generated from their posts. So while it’s not a ‘slam-dunk’ that every piece of content uploaded will be rewarded the ‘brass ring,’ this social merry-go-round has alerted its authors they will get paid if a celebrity republishes their story, or if their story is selected for the front page (sort of reminiscent of the Digg days).

Compensation ranges from $150 to $500, depending on how much traffic a post attracts, according to one of Kutcher’s co-founders, Kendall Dabaghi. "Our belief is that these people deserve to be compensated for creating great content," he said.

The idea of compensating people for what they share online isn't new. It's the YouTube formula which went on to spawn so many Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram social media stars.


Henderson & HinkleHenderson & HinkleTsu, in its short lifespan has also birthed its own batch of ‘Tsuperstar Tsulebs!’ (Note: wordplay is very popular on Tsu). Kimberly Henderson a single mother of four from South Carolina made over $600 after her online lullaby to her 1-year-old daughter went viral with over 500,000 views on Tsu. And equally striking, Kevin Hinkle a homeless man from Lake Mary, Florida has earned close to $900 since joining in October and after rebranding himself as a life coach.

Grading the Networks

So, if you were a social media professor and was put to the task of scoring these two networks, which one would you award the top grade? The one that pays everyone a share of the ad revenue generated from their content, or Kutcher’s model of only paying for select stories that aligns with the site’s editorial vision.

Or maybe you see value in both? The two start-ups are based in New York City, quite a distance from the hallowed halls of the Silicon Valley. So maybe the better question is not to pit these two networks against each other. After all, in a very short period of time, they were able to break the old social networking mold.

Perhaps the better assessment would be to see how they stack up against the Daddy of all social networks - the now 10-year old venerable Facebook. After all, last quarter, Facebook reported ad revenue of $3.6 billion (ahead of last year by 53 %) and the vast majority of their $2.2 billion operating income came from selling ads targeted to their members' news feeds -- for which their users received absolutely zero compensation.

Now that users finally have an option as to where they’d like to post their content - perhaps the question is how well these two start-ups will fare against the status quo? In other words, will they be able to attract a portion of the 1.4 billion passengers from the USS Facebook where Zuckerberg benefits from their toil — in favor of boarding sleeker vessels where all users are pulling at those oars in unison?

Is this paradigm shift in social networking the rising tide that will lift all boats -- something that's referred to in Tsu parlance as a Tsunami - or will Facebook turn a blind eye to these new models and successfully sail past these rough waters?

Your thoughts readers?

Mar 6, 2015
by Anonymous

I like tsu better, go ahead

I like tsu better, go ahead and set up your profile find my profile as the invite, enter @kell_belle_coupon

Mar 7, 2015
by Anonymous

I like Tsu better than

I like Tsu better than Facebook. Simpler format. Making internet friends from all over the world. Haven't tried A+ yet but it doesn't seem from this article to be just for the average social media user. Tsu definitely is! Have been a user since November 2014 and "made" almost $10. Have also donated to charities through my Tsu "bank" which is a really neat feature on Tsu. Even more than the money part is the team spirit on Tsu. Who knows where it will go, but I'm happily on the Tsuboat ride!

Mar 9, 2015
by Anonymous

TSU is amazing!!! Imagine

TSU is amazing!!! Imagine how much money you will make by now if FB was paying for everything you post/like/share? And bank platform that allows you to send money to your friends and donate to charity- great future!

Mar 9, 2015
by Anonymous

I have been on Tsu for a few

I have been on Tsu for a few weeks and I find the content posted annoying, just a bunch of animated posts since apparently that's what pays better. No valuable content so far. Not totally ready to give it up yet though.

Mar 9, 2015
by Anonymous

I have met some awesome

I have met some awesome people on Tsu and have seen some amazing posts. Great place for writers and artists, or anyone very active with social networks. If you're interested, use @language and I can help get you started.

Mar 10, 2015
by Anonymous

I have been on TSU since Nov

I have been on TSU since Nov 7th of 2014 and TSU is still without GROUPS, or any of the other basic interactive programs and apps that Facebook has, many of my own children are not active because of this, All we have to work off of is a basic Feed, that does not "EMPOWER" us. TSU needs TO AMP IT UP NOW!!!! The longer TSU is without Groups, etc, the WORSE it LOOKS with INACTIVE USERS and the FEEDS at the mercy of Bikini, Boobs, Kitties, and Silly Prank Gifs. TSU is heading in the wrong direction if they do not act with some sense of urgency to enhance the TSU User Experience. Many join and that is it, they do not even complete their profile.....

Apr 22, 2015
by Anonymous

Here's a thought. I helped

Here's a thought. I helped bring in THOUSANDS of people to Tsu and the bastards refused to pay. Screw Tsu. They deserve to be taken down.