Does Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Cancer? 10-Year Study Reports!

Does cell phone use cause brain cancer?: image via TopNews.inDoes cell phone use cause brain cancer?: image via TopNews.inDoes cell phone use put us at greater risk of brain cancer?  As data analysis goes, one would think that results of a longitudinal study might provide the answer.  Well, a new update of a World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) longitudinal study - a $24.4 million, 10-year study of data from nearly 13,000 subjects, compiled and examined by 21 researchers provided...

Bubkis! Nothing, nada, zilch.

"The results really don't allow us to conclude that there is any risk associated with mobile phone use, but... it is also premature to say that there is no risk associated with it," the IARC's director Christopher Wild told Reuters.

How do you like that explanation after all the time and money that went into the study? 

Wild further explained some problems with the study, like that usage back in 2000 was far less than it has been more recently, and that the study had to depend on people's memories of how many hours they used their cell phones.  

Data from the study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, indicated that those who had never used a cell phone had a higher risk of brain cancer than cell phone users, but the scientists said that information suggested problems with the methology. 

The data also suggested that cumulative call time might raise the risk of brain cancer, but the researchers said that the conclusion was unreliable.

Elisabeth Dardin of the Centre for Research on Environmental Epidemiology, Barcelona, was the study's chairperson.  She said,  "We can't just conclude that there is no effect.... There are indications of a possible increase.  We're not sure that it is correct.  It could be due to a possible bias, but the indications are sufficiently strong... to be concerned."

We were concerned.  That's why the IARC put more than $24 million into the study. Do these guys seem like idiots or have I missed something?

Can you think of a more deserving project for a Golden Fleece Award?

But there's still a chance we'll find the answer to our question Does Cell Phone Use Pose Greater Risks For Brain Cancer.  In 30 years.  Yes, just last month a group of European scientists committed to a 30-year study of the effects of mobile phone use on long term health on about 250 million people.

via Reuters