Does Someone Out There Have The Same Face As You?

Coke Zero set out to answer that question by putting together this interesting social experiment.  Would they be able to find a match for yours truly?  The site claims to use facial recognition technology to find as close a match to your facial features as possible.  Some of the results are uncanny!  Take a look at this guy, who made it to the front page:

Creepy, right?  I don't know about you guys, but the idea of seeing someone with my exact face would be a little unnerving.  Nevertheless, this fearless blogger will venture into the unknown so we can all see just how serious this experiment is.  I went through all my Facebook pictures, and found that I wanted to use one of my old profile pics.  Unfortunately, there was no exact match for that picture, so I had to try another one.  In the meantime I stumbled through some of the top matches, which were pretty eerily close matches.

Finally, I found a good one that I thought the site could use.  Loaded it up and waited in the cue for the results.  I know this is the moment you've all been waiting for, so here is my 65% match:

Maybe because it's me, I'm biased.  I don't really see the match all that well.  But having seen some of the other results convinces me that this project was taken at least semi-seriously.  If you guys want to go try it here, they make it super easy.  (Update: Sorry but the site is not longer available.) You just connect with your Facebook account, or upload a pic.  Make sure to carefully place the crosshairs over your eyes or else the site won't recognize your exact face.  Link us to some crazy results in the comments!