Does Your Garden Look Like A War Zone? Then Plant A Few Flower Grenades

With spring comes the time to take care of the outdoor spaces that we have ignored all winter. For those who love to garden it is a time they have looked forward to with gusto. For those who aren't so inclined they Flower GrenadesFlower Grenades would rather do just about anything else. Now the non-gardeners have a new, unusual, and wild option -- with Flower Grenades.

The grenades, designed to look like hand grenades, are made of clay and filled with wildflower seeds. Just toss one into the bare corner or that worn patch along the side of the house. The grenades will break open upon impact and spread the seeds. 

With the seeding process done, you are on your way. You will still need to water, for seeds do not germinate all on their own, but the bulk of the work is done. You don't even need to clean up since the grenade pieces will dissolve into the soil.

After about three weeks you will start seeing the effects of your blitz attack on the garden as the shoots start to appear. This isn't going to be one of those nice, tidy English gardens, but a wildflower riot of buttercups, poppies, and rye grass.

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