Doesn't Everyone Need A Homing Device?


Seriously. Have you never lost your car in a parking lot? Your car lock beep can only be heard so far. But the GPS Homing Device can get you back to your care or wherever you want to return, step by step, if you need it.

As a locating device goes, the GPS Homing Device is pretty simple. Just press a button in the spot you want to return to and go wandering off to wherever your heart desires. When you are ready to return, just follow the path indicated by your GPS compass. It wil let you know by the compass indicator which direction to follow to get to your starting point and how far away you are from that point in yards, miles, meters, or kilometers. This Homing Device even allows you to set two additional points, which is great for hiking when you've wandered off one trail onto another and then wandered off that one.

The GPS Homing Device uses a "time to fiirst fix" chipset technology to locate and lock into satellite signals, making it highly accurate even in canyons or heavily forrested areas.

The Homing Device uses two AAA batheries which last up to 20 hours of operation. It is weather resistant and comes with a lanyard. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer with a lifetime guarantee.



Jan 29, 2009
by Anonymous


Please explain how this works through the mass-concrete of a multi-story parking lot? It doesn't. And you have to change the batteries every 20 hours. How many tons of AAA batteries would this go through in one year. What a massive environmental cost for a device that doesn't even work because it can't reach the satellites through mass concrete. Who finances this stuff?