Dog Clothing That Speaks For Shelter Dogs!

What an ingenious way to give shelter dogs a voice... and get them homes too! has designed clothing for shelter dogs that speaks for them. Adopt me! Pet me! Take me home! I love cats! (Well, that last one is definitely special order....)

The idea behind this clothing is that dog vest advertising encourages more conversation and actionable responses than do traditional methods... a sign, let's say, or even a person asking for help. It's much harder to ignore a dog.

Also, by self-advertising, a dog can stand out from the crowd.... His vest can say, "I love kids!" or "I don't shed!" These statements can put some fresh ideas in the minds of passers-by like, "Doesn't shed, huh? Well, maybe I could keep a dog that doesn't shed!" was developed by a foster mom for shelter dogs who wanted to bring attention to the specific personality traits of each dog she sought to re-home. Her dog clothing line is simple: she has a winter vest and a summer vest, available in three sizes with a range of room in each size. The vests are Velcro-fastened.
But the letters used to make the dog ads are removable and re-arrangeable for different dogs and different vests, so within space limitations, each dog can have his or her own unique ad. Each vest comes with an ad of your choice that's placed on both sides of the vest, and an attachable money pouch can be added separately.

If you foster shelter dogs, you may want to check out Chatterdogs. Prices range from $19.95 to $28.95 for the vests, depending on size and style; this includes one ad on each side. Pouches and additional ads are charged separately.

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Jan 23, 2008
by Body Beauty

Very innovative

This is a great idea!

Jan 26, 2008
by Lady Bee
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re: Advertising space on your dog!

Hey!  Why Not?