Pet Houses That Match Your House From DenHaus

Like cats, dogs also enjoy their undisturbed rest, but not necessarily away from the family; just a place where they won't be alerted every time you make a move. Face it though, that old plastic dog crate looks pretty tacky in your living room. What about a stunning dog house that matches your decor and can be used as a side table to your favorite chair or couch?

DenHaus has a very posh line of pet houses that come in all sizes, even ones for Newfoundlands! One of the three DenHaus designs, colors, and materials available are intended to match a myriad of interior design styles, and your dog or cat will find one comfy enough to call home.


The DenHaus ZenHaus Dog or Cat House

The oval shape of this beautiful handcrafted fibreglass pet house makes home particularly cozy for your dog or cat. Well vented, they will have a 360 degree view of the room, which keeps anxiety away. The door of the ZenHaus is easily removable.

On top of the ZenHaus is a beautiful shatterproof opaque glass top that allows light into the pet house and serves as a lovely end table or corner table top for you to decorate.




Of course, the ZenHaus can be used in any room.



ZenHaus beds, sold separately, are available in small and medium sizes. Custom-made to just fit the small and medium size ZenHaus, either side will complement your decor and make a super-comfy bed for your dog or cat. Foam filled, with a washable microfiber cover, the ZenHaus beds are blue swirl and light beige. Zzzzz....





The DenHaus BowHaus Dog or Cat House

The BowHaus is the newest pet house design and 100 silver, small BowHauses will be available to ship in March, although pre-orders are being taken now. Also very cozy, the round powdered-steel pet house has 360 ventilation and available light. The BowHaus performs well as a side or corner table... nice as a bed stand too!



The BowHaus Bed, sold separately, is made for a BowHaus perfect fit. The foam filled microfiber cover is washable and has two usable sides, orange spice and steel gray, to give the BowHaus a totally different look.




The DenHaus TownHaus Dog or Cat House

If you have a more classic decor in your home, you will love the TownHaus for your cat or dog. Made of solid hardwood and finished with antique brass hardware, the TownHaus is available in two finishes, Espresso and Mahogany. The scratch protective finish is non-toxic and free of mercury, lead, cadium and chromium. And, would you know it? The inside of the TownHaus has a smooth finish, just like fine furniture.

As with the ZenHaus and the BowHaus, the door of TownHaus can be removed fo allow for your pet's easy access. The TownHaus has lower side panels to allow ventilation.












TownHaus beds, sold separately, are available in a size to fit the TawnHaus. Again, a two-sided "mattress" gives you the choice of stripes or solid beige, to match your interior or your mood. Foam filled, with a washable microfiber cover.


A DenHaus is not only a personal place for your dog or cat, it is a piece of furniture that is very practical and durable. You could see the ZenHaus, BowHaus, or TownHaus as an investment!


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Jan 29, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 These are fantastic. If it

 These are fantastic. If it weren't for the price, I would be rushing around to find these. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate my 2 dog crates into a comfortable area of my new home without them becoming the focal point of the room.

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer